So you want to make a Discord bot in Swift, I hear?
This guide focuses on getting you up to speed with creating Discord bots in Swift with DiscordKit. Some common use cases are provided for ✨ inspiration ✨ and to provide examples demonstrating how certain use cases might be achieved.
Keep in mind that DiscordKit's bot support is still in beta, so the API might change at any time without notice. Do not rely on DiscordKit for production apps yet!
You'll get the best results following this guide in sequence, only skipping steps or pages when indicated. Subsequent pages assume correct completion of all previous steps (unless otherwise indicated), and code provided might not work if the steps aren't followed in order.
An implicit prerequisite to this guide is basic Swift experience - if you're new to Swift, the Swift Book is a great and beginner-friendly resource to get up to speed with Swift. For now, DiscordKit only supports macOS and linux. You'll need a Mac that's capable of running the latest version of Xcode or a Linux environment capable of running the latest swift toolchain. If you are on windows, we recommend using WSL to run a Linux environment.
Happy coding!
This guide is still in its early stages - expect incomplete or missing pages 💨